Jesus You Take Over

About the Act of Surrender to Jesus

The Act of Surrender to Jesus is one of the many messages the Servant of God Don Dolindo Ruotolo (1882–1970) of Naples received from Jesus. He was a priest, theologian, and mystic. True to his name ‘Dolindo’ (derived from the Italian word Dolore which means pain, sorrow, grief, ache, distress, woe) his life was ridden with suffering, rejection, and humiliation.

The Act of Surrender to Jesus is a wonderful message in which Jesus invites us to entirely depend on him and to trust him. In difficult times it is seems natural for us to try to grapple with what we are going through. Brooding over the problem that is oppressing us. Fear, worry and anxiety almost consume us.

Jesus offers the solution: trust in him only. He tells us to close our eyes, calm the soul, and place our full faith in him: by this act of love towards him, we honor him. That moves him, and it impels him to resolve our problems, both spiritual and temporal. Those who abandon themselves to Jesus will see miracles in their life.